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We're only happy when you are. So, it's particularly important when we hear from our clients.

"I felt amazing after the treatment..."

I've been having this back pain for a while and my back pain caused a pinched nerve. I went to see Dr. Yang crying for help. When I walked into the clinic, the staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Peggy was super friendly and caring. Dr Yang examined my posture and my alignment. He was extremely thorough and told me the different issues with my alignment. I was placed under an ultra sound machine and a spinal decompression machine. I felt amazing after the treatment, so light and could breath and walk better. I highly recommend this place. Dr. Yang and his staff really care for thier patients. It's uncommon to see this type of service nowadays. - Michelle C.




Dr. Yang is my go to guy for posture alignment/maintenance or when I over-exert my muscles or joints. I've been frequently at his clinic for more than two years. Recently, I developed plantar fasciitis on one of my feet; with assistance of orthotics, treatment, stretching/icing advice I can go all out and put extra mileage on my feet. I'm an avid road bicyclist, runner, paddler, as well as other physical activities. His support staff Peggy and Mike are friendly and professional. If he says relax; trust him. So take it easy! - Andy C.




Dr. Yang and his staff are super. They are very caring and would do their best to fit you in if you have an unbearable ache or pain that absolutely cannot wait. I have been to many other chiropractors but none of them compare to Dr. Yang. He fixes you and sends you on your way. - Elaine L.





Dr. Yang is the best chiro I have ever been to. I will continue to go back to him as long as I need to fix my neck. He combines all of the best methods of practice to treat conditions in the best way possible. - Allison R.






Matt (Dr. Yang) is patient and detailed, and a good personal friend by now.  As all my family members see him when we have aches and pains.  He's thorough in his exam, and during treatment as well. The staff are also great, friendly and very conversational during each visit.  I'd highly recommend Matt to anyone that needs chiro help.  Booking may be difficult as his schedule gets full about a week in advance, so schedule early. - Diesel Y. 




Dr. Yang is a great sports chiropractor, and also a really nice guy. I've grown up doing sports all my life, and have some track and field records at my high school, and have been to a decent number of sports therapists. Unlike some other chiropractors that I've been to, he doesn't just start cracking things -- he knows which muscles/tendons/ligaments should be loosened and massages out those knots first. He is able to quickly identify problem spots and break up any scar tissue that may be limiting movement. One time, I had gone to Dr. Yang because the bottom of my foot had been hurting. Dr. Yang not only loosened up those ligaments/muscles at the bottom, but also identified that I had scar tissue around my achilles tendon. After he broke up that scar tissue, I had greater range of motion in my foot, and was able to better absorb impact when jumping. I've gone to Dr. Yang for both injuries and 'tune-ups', making sure that everything is working and continues working -- and I'll keep going as long he's around! - Marissa K.

"Dr. Yang is my go to guy for poster alignment..."

"...very caring and would do their best to fit you"

"Dr. Yang is the best chiro I have ever been to."

"All my family members see him when we have aches and pains"

"Dr. Yang is able to quickly identify the problem "

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